Welcome to Tarragona Designs, where we can help you create beautiful living spaces, make your home and life more comfortable. Whether you are staging a home for sale, just moved in or simply want to update your style, Tarragona Designs can help you reach your vision.
A well designed Airbnb gets rave reviews and plus status during its first month of operation.
Staging to sell a vacation home by the lake.
Young girl gets dream bedroom that suits her style.
Family casita/office is ready for both work and play.
A well decorated room should have a quiet and pleasing flow
Kitchen gets a complete update with a more open concept.
Staging to sell…
Elegant family room for a growing family.
If a second living room is too formal try a lounge instead.
Home office gets functionality and plenty of storage.
New build, new style, meets cozy living space.

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